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 STMS  Health & Fitness

Welcome to the Summit Trail Middle School Health & Fitness program.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for each student to participate in a variety of enjoyable physical activities and health lessons. Emphasis will be on each student’s individual goals of physical fitness,  personal well-being, and meeting the state standards for Health & Fitness in each grade level.  


Assisting students in establishing lifelong habits of reliability and promptness is an instructional objective of this particular course. Progress toward this goal will be measured, at least in part, by tracking student’s attendance/participation in class. 

Participation is essential for H & F grade. In order to receive credit one must be actively involved in all class activities, such as daily stretching, fitness, and skill activities. These activities are essential for a positive learning experience for all students. 

Parent/Medical notes: If a parent/guardian wishes to excuse their student please send a note, or email the teacher. If injury/illness lasts for more than a week, a written note from a medical professional will be necessary.  

Make-ups Options

Points lost from absences/notes CAN be made up before each quarter ends.  Communication between teacher and student is important if problems arise.  The make-up forms are posted in each teacher’s Google Classroom. Or a written Health article summary can be used if participation is unable. 

Grading System

Grades will be based on a daily 4 pt. rubric that consists of effort/participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, and preparedness.  KAPS

1 pt: Knowledge: the understanding of class rules, school rules

1 pt: Attitude: Sportsmanship, accepting of others

1 pt: Participation: try their best and ready to participate in activities

1 pt: Safety: Play safe with equipment, and in game play.

4 points per day for PE  participation points - make up form needed to gain pts- Forms with teacher or in Google Classroom

Three simple rules:

  1. Have Fun!  
  2. Play Fair!  
  3. Play Safe!

Spirit of the Game:  places the responsibility on every student to know & follow the rules, play fairly, and make their own calls- this is emphasized in all physical activities

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