Brown, Marcie

Mrs. Brown
Math Teacher, Summit Trail Middle School

Email: [email protected]

There are two supplies that need to be purchased for Algebra Class:
1. A graph ruled spiral notebook with integrated pocket.
2. Something to write with.

There are three supplies that need to be purchased for Course 3 Math:
1. A composition book (either college ruled or graph ruled)
2. A folder.
3. Something to write with.

 Algebra Supplies Provided by TSD - Distributed on the first days of class

1. Algebra Textbook - One book per student checked out for the school year. Students do NOT need to bring these back and forth to school every day - they are for at-home use! (Fine if not returned at end of year or if returned damaged, $90.)
2. Algebra Class Notes Spiral Workbook. One per student - if lost, student will need to pay to replace it.

Student Information

Google Classroom will be the access point for all lessons, assignments, and information. To enter our Google Classroom, you will need to sign in with your GoTahoma email address and password.  Remember, Google Classroom works best when accessed via the Chrome browser.  If you have trouble getting in to Google Classroom, chances are that you are not signed in to Chrome using your GoTahoma credentials!  Also, please remember that Classroom is not a gradebook. 

You will need to check Skyward for scores and grades. You should check Skyward weekly to ensure I have not missed one of your assignments or entered an incorrect score. With 150+ students and lots of Skyward entries, I make mistakes!  It is okay to tell me if I did - I expect you to monitor your grade and let me know when something doesn't seem right! Please get in the habit of checking your Skyward at least once per week!

Special Note to Algebra Students: Please keep in mind, this is a high school level course, and students receive high school credit for completion. As such, the expectations and workload is more than what is "normal" for a middle school math class. 

Parents and Guardian Information

I post all assignments in Google Classroom, which all students in my classes have access to from any device. Our system allows only students to have an account within Google Classroom, so if you're curious what students are working on, your student should be able to easily show you!

Grades and missing assignments can be monitored via Skyward. Students and parents have unique Skyward logins. If you don't know your parental login, please reach out and I can send you in the right direction.

I look forward to a great year!

Mrs. Brown

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